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How Automatric works in

Automatric Cámara

1. Park at the pump

Your vehicle will be identified by number plate recognition

Automatric Seguridad

2. Enter the PIN and confirm your refueling

At the pump or APP

Automatric Repostaje

3. Get petrol and go

You will receive an email with the charge made to the card

How Automatric works in

Automatric Cámara

1. Enter without getting a receipt.

A camera will recognize your number plate and the barrier will open automatically

Automatric Barrera

2. Leave without going to the register

Upon recognizing your registration, the barrier will open and the charge will be made on the registered card

Automatric Controla tus gastos

3. Control your expenses

You can check all your transactions on the web or app

See how Automatric works in this video